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Your list fatigue score is calculated with an algorithm considering several factors from recent list stats, including hard bounces, soft bounces, spam reports, open rates, recipient age, etc. Your fatigue score can give you a guide to your recent list performance. The higher your score, your list fatigue chances are much lower than industry standards. Your score is out of 100.

List Fatigue calculation begins with your engagement, the times the list used, opt-out rates, recent cleanings, and other general measures over time. Our List fatigue score will also provide tips on why the list fatigue score is where it is. The recommendations will allow you to make adjustments for your marketing success. 

If your list is older, deactivating the older recipients using our List Maintenance Tool is likely an excellent place to start. A list cleaning might be more appropriate if this is a brand-new list. Finally, suppose your list uses a single opt-in signup form. In that case, the fix is generally to migrate to a double opt-in form, where prospective recipients receive an email with a confirmation link they must click to activate their subscription to your list.

You will find the List Fatigue Score by going to the List Stats of your list. Once you have mailed to this list twice, the score will generate. The box will be colored green, yellow, or red to represent if our score determines you might want to consider the engagement of this list. 



If your "Top Factors" suggest List Maintainance or List Cleaning, you can find those buttons off to the right (pictured below):



We realize that everyone’s case is unique. You may not find the answer you want in the fixes above. If so, or if you would prefer to go over the next best step with one of our delivery experts on the support team, please feel free to email us any questions.

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