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In order to link your welcome message to your subscription form, use an immediate AutoResponder. Autoresponders can be used for staggered messaging but also for immediate delivery. In this case, we're combining the subscription of a new recipient with an immediate autoresponder so we can send them a welcome message. 

Step 1 is to build your mailing. Once your mailing is tested thoroughly, you are ready to link your mailing with your list. If you used to have a welcome message attached to your sign up form, this message is now saved in your mailings tab for your convenience under the name: Welcome Email For Form: <FORM NAME>

Step 2 is linking the mailing to the list. Go to the Tools tab, then AutoResponders. Click New Autoresponder. 

On this page:

  1. Type in the name for your Auto Responder
  2. In the List Information section, click Change List and select the list attached to your sign up form.
  3. In the Message Section, click Change Message and select your welcome email
  4. In the Delivery Options section, choose Immediate
  5. Click save

Please see the following quick video demonstrating these steps. 

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