Converting to Wildcard suppression lists


For ease of use, ReachMail is doing away with suppression lists in their current application and replacing them with a more robust solution. 

Previously, suppression lists had to be applied by email address or by domain:

Moving forward, customers can now add domains and addresses to a single suppression list into a wildcard suppression list and will be able to simply apply the suppression list without first having to select how it should be applied. 

Breaking Changes

  1. Clients can no longer suppress with sending lists. Lists used for suppression must be tagged as suppression lists in order for them to be available among the suppression lists shown on the scheduling page.
  2. Clients using Suppress By Domain Name will need to convert the addresses in their list to use wildcards on the domains they would like to suppress. For example, if you have you would want to change this to * For more information on examples of this, click here.
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