Auto-Message One-Time Follow-up


Last Updated: 3/17/2023


Scheduling Auto-Message One-Time Follow-up

This feature allows you to use the engagement data from your Auto Messages to send a follow-up one-time message. 

You can navigate to the Tools Tab > Auto Messages. You can select to send to engaged or unengaged for an entire auto message series or a single auto message. 


To confirm you have selected the correct engagement option, you will see one of the two following descriptions on the pop-up modal: 


Once you decide which engagement metric you are looking for, you will schedule the *ONE TIME* follow-up message based on engaged or unengaged. 


Select from the mailing list the follow-up message desired. 


Then the two options of engaged or did not engage will light up. Select from those that engaged or did not engage with the message or series you are using. 


Once you have selected the option, you wish the scheduling screen appears for you to complete the scheduling. The default option is to send it immediately. 


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