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ReachMail's Subject Line Suggestor leverages the OpenAI Artificial Intelligence to suggest subject lines based on your input. This feature can be located when creating a mailing with the Message Builder or the Advanced Editor. Navigate to the Detail tab and use the button next to the Subject line area.



This function is also available in the AB Split tool. It is useful to generate alternate subject lines and try out which gets more opens and/or clicks



Clicking on the corresponding button will pop up the AI Subject Line Generator.  Here you can choose to generate Subject line suggestions based on your email message content, the current subject line, or enter three word or longer phrase and select the tone for your subject line examples. Below is an example of how this tool works.


Nov-10-2023 16-48-01.gif

Once you've selected the winning subject line, our system will automatically insert your selection in the subject field. You can modify or add to this subject line once inserted. You can also continue using the subject line suggestor to find the perfect solution.

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