Easy-SMTP That Gives Power To The Users



Your Easy-SMTP account serves as a dynamic platform where various users can engage & achieve their individual objectives. The feature of "Multiple Users" enables you to utilize a wide array of enhancements tailored for different Easy-SMTP senders or configurations. If several people access your account, it's advisable to assign each person their own user profile.

The benefits of having multiple users are:

Filtering By User

Filtering by user allows you to separate traffic in your Easy-SMTP report details. Results will include only the usernames selected messages. This makes it easy to track what users are sending out.

Enable Open & Link Tracking

Selecting this option from the user settings allows your account to track opens & clicks automatically. When this setting is turned off, open & link tracking can be enabled per message by using the "X-Tracking" header in SMTP submissions or setting the "Tracking" option to "true" in API submissions. 

IP Authentication

IP authentication allows SMTP connections from a given IP address without requiring authentication. With multiple users, you can authenticate on multiple IP addresses for each user. Any SMTP connections from that configured IP address will automatically log in as that user.


There is no limit on the number of Easy-SMTP users you can create. Creating multiple users allows for a unique username & password for each person—no need for password sharing. Learn how to manage users by adding, editing, or deleting.

Additionally, you can set up Campaign Profiles & use CampaignIDs to customize the Easy-SMTP experience further to meet your specific needs.

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