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The A/B Testing feature is a simple and fast way to test different mailings on a portion of your list before sending to everyone. You can see the performance (open rate, click-through rate, etc.) and then decide which mailing is the best - and then send that one to the rest of the list. You can use this feature to check if a different subject line would help or to see if a different creative, colors, etc. would be better. Test two or more versions head-to-head or just one message on it’s own to make sure it performs up to expectations before you send it.

How To

To get started go to the Mailings tab, Create between one to five mailings, or use existing ones, check their respective check-boxes and click the ‘A/B Testing’ button.


You will be taken to the Schedule Mailing page, except now, you will see a sliding bar on the right side that allows you to select the percentage of your list you would like to test. The message tests will be sent to the test portion you’ve selected.


We recommend waiting 24 hours to get an accurate picture of which mailing(s) performed the best. To find out go the Reports tab. Select Individual Mailings, select the message and run the report. The report displays the delivery statistics for each mailing side by side, allowing you to select which mailing you would like to use for the rest of your list. From here, simply select the message you would like to complete the campaign with and click Send Now in the Schedule Remainder section.


Need more detail first? Click on the details section - you'll see the detailed reporting. You can use the full functionality - download opens, openers, opt-outs, look at bounces, copy openers to list, etc.


Note: The mailings should differ in some way. You may want to change subject lines, use a second domain, or maybe try out different content to gauge user response.

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