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Link tracking is the process by which ReachMail records which subscribers clicked on links in your messages. When link tracking is enabled in a campaign, the links in the mailing are aliased with unique tracking links. When clicked, the subscriber will be directed to their final destination via one of ReachMail's servers and a 'click' will be recorded for that link. You'll see information on clicked links in all mailing reports.

Using custom tracking domains in the link tracking process allow you to set a preferred domain that will act as the alias for the tracked links.

How does it work?

Consider this example; in your message you have a link targeting Using standard link tracking, we would replace the target with one of our custom tracking domains, e.g. However, when custom tracking domains are used, we will replace the target with your domain of choice, e.g.

How do I set up custom tracking?

Enabling custom tracking will require that your domain's DNS be edited. If you're not comfortable doing this, please consult with an IT specialist before making any changes.

The edit itself is simple; setup a sub-domain as a CNAME record that points to We recommend using an average TTL value.

If you're editing your DNS zone file directly, your entry might look like this:

links IN CNAME 3600

Your DNS provider likely has additional documentation on how to set up records of this kind using their user interface.

Once the zone record is updated, please navigate to your Account tab, choose the Campaign Settings, and select Tracking Domain. From here you can click on Set Account Tracking Domain and enter in the domain you would like to setup as your tracking domain. The Verification Status column will highlight red if there is a problem with the verification process. You can use the icons on the side to enable, disable, and re-verify the domain.


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