WordPress Integration With ReachMail


To add a ReachMail Sign-Up form to your WordPress-powered website, you'll begin by creating a form in your ReachMail account.

To create a new form, log in to your ReachMail account and navigate to the Tools tab. Select the Form Wizard & Confirmation Email option and click Add Form. You will be presented with the From Wizard creation process. Select the list you want the form to populate, the form name, and whether you want the form to be a confirmed or unconfirmed opt-in. A confirmed opt-in will have an email confirmation sent to the form submitter, who must then approve the opt-in. An unconfirmed opt-in will directly add the submitter to the list without the confirmation of their email address.

Once you've completed the process of creating your form, you will be brought to the Form Contents page, there you will see a section titled WordPress. This section includes the Form ID to be used with the WordPress plugin. To download the WordPress plugin, simply click on the link included in the Form Contents page or download from the WordPress plugin directory at http://wordpress.org/plugins/reachmail-subscription-forms/. The plugin will download as a .zip file and can be uploaded to the plugins section of your WordPress site. Before moving on to install the Worpress plugin, generate an API token by navigating to Accounts, selecting the Tokens sub-navigation, and clicking Generate. You will be presented with your API token. Copy this token to a safe place before leaving this page.

Once the plugin is downloaded and installed, you can activate the plugin through the "Plugins" menu in WordPress. Open the Appearance menu, then select Widgets, and drag the "ReachMail Subscription Form" widget to the sidebar. Once the plugin is in the sidebar, enter the API token you previously created. Next, enter the ID of the form you would like to appear on your website and then enter a title for the form. After you have entered this information, click Save. To display your form where shortcode syntax is supported using the [reachmail_subscriptionform] shortcode. The ReachMail plugin for WordPress requires the installed version and not the hosted version to work properly.

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