List Field Information


These are the standard list fields and their information.

*This does not include any custom fields created.*

Field Description Field Alias Personalization Token
Account Number AccountNumber {{account_number}}
Accounts Accounts {{accounts}}
Affiliate Email AffiliateEmail {{affiliate_email}}
Age Age {{age}}
Agent Email AgentEmail {{agent_email}}
Agent Extension AgentExt {{agent_ext}}
Agent Name AgentName {{agent_name}}
Annual Sales AnnualSales {{annual_sales}}
Annual Value AnnualValue {{annual_value}}
Area code AreaCode {{area_code}}
Birthday Birthday {{birthday}}
Business Business {{business}}
Business Code BusinessCode {{business_code}}
Business Type BusinessType {{business_type}}
Cardholder number CardholderNumber {{cardholder_number}}
Children Children {{children}}
City City {{city}}
Class Class {{class}}
Company Logo URL Company Logo {{company_logo}}
Company name CompanyName {{company_name}}
Company size CompanySize {{company_size}}
Contractor Code ContractorCode {{contractor_code}}
Country Country {{country}}
Department Department {{department}}
Description Description {{description}}
Education Education {{education}}
Email address Email {{email}}
Employees Employees {{employees}}
Fax number Fax {{fax}}
First name FirstName {{first_name}}
Frequency of Purchase FreqPurch {{freq_purch}}
Gender Gender {{gender}}
Import Date ImportDate {{import_date}}
Income Income {{income}}
Industry Industry {{industry}}
Interest Area 1 Interest1 {{interest_1}}
Interest Area 2 Interest2 {{interest_2}}
Interest Area 3 Interest3 {{interest_3}}
Interest Area 4 Interest4 {{interest_4}}
Interest Area 5 Interest5 {{interest_5}}
Internet experience InetExp {{inet_exp}}
Last name LastName {{last_name}}
Magazine Magazine {{magazine}}
Magazine Subscription Source MagSubSource {{mag_sub_source}}
Marital status MaritalStatus {{marital_status}}
Name (full) FullName {{fullname}}
Household Size HouseholdSize {{household_size}}
Opt out OptOut {{opt_out}}
Other Other {{other}}
Phone Extension PhoneExt {{phone_ext}}
Phone number Phone {{phone}}
Planned Annual Value AnnualValuePlanned {{annual_value_planned}}
Prefix (Mr, Mrs, etc.) Prefix {{prefix}}
Previous Purchaser PrevPurch {{prev_purch}}
Primary function PrimaryFunction {{primary_function}}
Primary Internet connection InetConn {{inet_conn}}
Products Products {{products}}
Products, Systems, and Services ProdSys {{prod_sys}}
Province Province {{province}}
Pub Code 2 PubCode2 {{pub_code2}}
Publication Code PubCode {{pub_code}}
Publications Publications {{publications}}
Purchase Influence Product One PurchP1 {{purch_p1}}
Purchase Interest Product Three PurchP3 {{purch_p3}}
Purchase Interest Product Two PurchP2 {{purch_p2}}
Purchasing Influence PurchasingInfluence {{purchasing_influence}}
Qualification Source QualSource {{qual_source}}
Reactivation Date ReactDate {{react_date}}
Referred By ReferredBy {{referred_by}}
Region Region {{region}}
Secondary function SecondaryFunction {{secondary_function}}
SIC code SicCode {{sic_code}}
Sign Up Date signup_date {{signup_date}}
State State {{state}}
Status Code StatusCode {{status_code}}
Street address Address {{address}}
Street address 2 Address2 {{address2}}
Street address 3 Address3 {{address3}}
Subscription IP Subscription_IP {{subscription_ip}}
Subscription type SubscriptionType {{subscription_type}}
Subscription Verification Date SubVerificationDate {{sub_verification_date}}
Title Title {{title}}
Title code TitleCode {{title_code}}
Track Code TrackCode {{track_code}}
Transaction Code TransCode {{trans_code}}
Website Url {{url}}
Website Source WebsiteSource {{website_source}}
Website type UrlType {{url_type}}
Years Years {{years}}
Zip/postal code Zip {{zip}}
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