Account Management :: Footer Addresses


If your account is responsible for many brands, multiple compliance addresses can be stored in your account for use in mailing footers. These compliance addresses will be inserted into the footer of all outbound mails as part of your accounts required compliance with all CAN-SPAM rules.

To add or edit addresses, click the Account tab, then select Campaign Settings, then select CAN-SPAM Addresses from the sub-navigation. Click the Add Address button to add a new address or click the pencil icon next to an existing address to edit. Edit the address fields in the edit page and click Save.

Addresses can be deleted by clicking the "Trash" icon to the right of the address. To preview an address, click the magnifying glass icon to the right of the address.  The primary address or first address added cannot be deleted but may be edited.

Addresses can be applied to a mailing during the edit or create process. To apply an address, look for the Footer Address drop-down menu in the mailing setup (this will be below the Reply-To address field) and select the name of the address you would like to apply.

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