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So you want to gather information from the people you're mailing? The perfect way to do this is by using our Survey Builder. The Survey Builder will make it easy to create a survey you can send to anyone on your mailing list.


To start creating a survey, go to the Tools tab and select Survey Builder. Then select Add Survey to begin creating your survey. You will then be able to give your survey a title, and you can create a survey from scratch or use an existing survey to edit once you have made a few. 

Next, you will edit the survey or start building questions. 


The edit button next to the title of your new survey will allow you to make changes to how your survey looks. Some options here include: 

  • A style sheet for your survey
  • The language you wish you use in your survey
  • Start and End date of your survey
  • What you would like to happen when your recipient completes the survey
  • How do you want your questions numbered

Now comes the fun part! You get to add the questions. When you click on INSERT,  you can start adding your questions. Once you click on INSERT, you will then select your Item Type, which is what kind of question you would like to ask. Multiple choice? Open text? True/False? We have 20 different items to choose from to start asking your questions. 

Once you select the question type, you can then edit all the response options and your question. Once you have completed the question preferences, there are two ways to add the next question. 

One is to add a NEW PAGE, and the other is to INSERT ITEM. The difference between the two is would you want all your questions on one page or the recipient to click next to get to the next question.


Once you have completed your survey, you can select LAUNCH, and your survey will be ready for you to share. 

From this menu, you will go to the ACTION column of the table, and you can edit, deploy and delete any survey. 


Adding a new survey to your account will give you plenty of options in choosing the perfect questions to get the ideal answers. After you've created one survey, you can base future surveys on the previous one. This can cut downtime in creating a new survey or make it easy to update an old one with further questions. Once a survey is created, you can edit it or deploy it. Deploying a survey will give you link options to choose how to gather your information. You can include it in an email or link it on your web page.

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