The ReachMail API at a Glance


What is an API?
An Application Programming Interface (API) describes a set of functions by which two programs can communicate. Typically, software is managed by a user via a User Interface (UI). In a UI all the information sent by the user is returned in the UI as graphic representations of the data. With an API the same data is exchanged in the form of XML (Extensible Markup Language) or other specified formats. The most common types of APIs are web service APIs which use HTTP methods to exchange data. Web service APIs, like ReachMail’s, are flexible and powerful and provide a robust extension to the common UI.

What does ReachMail's API provide?
ReachMail’s API provides access to all the core functions of ReachMail. Lists can be uploaded, campaigns created and set, reports can be generated; all that and a host of other features are available via the API services. The API uses REST services and is language-independent. What that means is that many different programming languages such as Perl, PHP, Python, ASP, etc., can be used when writing your custom applications. By allowing you to provide your own programs to access our Web services, you can do those things you want to do exactly how you want to do them.

Common uses of ReachMail's API.
By using the ReachMail API you can both automate and execute your day-to-day email marketing tasks like the scheduling and sending of mailings. As well, you can manage more long-term account strategies by accessing and acting upon data generated in your campaign reports. One of the biggest assets of our API is its scalability, which allows users to do simple repetitive tasks in large numbers or large complicated tasks with less user input. These tasks can be as simple as a sign-up form for new subscribers or much more complex, such as identifying subscribers who clicked on a link in a campaign and scheduling a follow-up campaign.

Is the API right for you?
The ReachMail API can be used in almost as many ways as there are clients. Every problem is different and depending on your needs and resources you may or may not find your answers in the API. Please email or call us at 312-229-0070 x1 to discuss your situation. Our support staff can help you figure out how ReachMail can best serve you.

This documentation will provide you with all the basics of the services and types used in the API. Also, check out our code examples to help you get your feet wet. If you have any questions that the documentation doesn't answer for you please get in touch with us at 


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