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ReachMail's spam checker tool is a simple feature built to help you analyze your message content in the same manner as a receiving Email Provider.  The features uses the SpamAssassin and Barracuda content analysis engines to give you insight into the way message filtering appliances view your message.

To trigger the spam checker tool select the 'Run Spam Checker Tool' option from the mailing's action menu:


Once selected, the content is run through the SpamAssassin and Barracuda filtering engines for content review.  Scoring tallies up from 0.  Each mark on the analysis is given a score.  Higher scores for a particular rule indicate a more significant issue.  As a general rule of thumb, total scores below 4-5 tend to be okay.  Anything above 5 and you should consider re-working the content.  Messages with a score above 10 should not be delivered.



While the SpamAssassin analysis tends to be a bit more obvious, in this case, the results are quite similar.  Note the final rule shown by Barracuda: "Custom Rule SA424".  Barracuda is deliberately opaque with its use of these internal custom rules and it is often impossible to know exactly what they mean. 

AI Spam Content analysis is available to all paid accounts and is analyzed by an advanced artificial intelligence algorithm to try to determine how the Email could be perceived by a recipient.  If appropriate, suggestions for improving the mailing will also be shown.

If you ever need assistance deciphering the Spam Checker's analysis, please feel free to email

Other Tools

ReachMail's built-in Spam Analysis tools are highly effective. However, for further testing and analysis of your Emails to understand their inbox placement, you might find the following third-party tools helpful, as we've experienced success with them:

This is our current favorite non-ReachMail tool for analyzing the components of an Email by a variety of technical parameters: SPF, DKIM, DMARC, etc.  This is mostly about ensuring all email authentication best practices are implemented properly, but it also shows some details about the content.


This straightforward tool enables you to send an email from ReachMail, which will then be analyzed based on various criteria. These include verifying that it meets industry-standard authentication requirements and assessing how common spam filters are likely to perceive it.  It doesn't seem to be maintained so it lacks some of the more recent technical requirements.


This is another tool with a very attractive and simple user interface.  It does a few more checks than ISnotSpam but we've had some issues with the accuracy of the results.


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