Individual Campaign Report Glossary


Careful analysis of mailing reports is key to understanding the effectiveness of any given mailing and the overall health of any email marketing efforts. This glossary can be used to understand the various terms and parameters in a campaign report.

  • General
    • Campaign Score: A ReachMail specific score generated by analyzing bounce, complaint, open, and click rates against the gross or net volume sent. Higher scores are better, maximum score is 100.
  • Details
    • Recipient Summary
      • Recipients
        • List Name: Name of the targeted list (Summary By List only).
        • Tentative: Gross count of subscribers in the target lists before any supression filters have been applied.
        • Suppressed: Gross subscribers suppressed by filters, cross-list duplication, account opt-out list, and known invalid (hard bounced) addresses.
        • Sent: Net of Tentative and Suppressed. This is the final summary of attempted deliveries.
        • Delivered: Net of Sent and Bounces. This is the final summary of successful deliveries.
      • Opened
        • Mobile: Gross opens tracked to a mobile device.
        • Desktop: Gross opens tracked to a desktop or laptop.
        • Open Rate: Gross opens against Delivered.
      • Bounces
        • Total: Gross of Soft and Hard. This link can be clicked for details and downloads of specific bounce categories.
        • Soft: Summary of soft bounced addresses (temporary failures).
        • Hard: Summary of hard bounced (invalid) addresses.
      • Unsubscribes
        • Opt-Outs: Summary of recipients opting-out.
        • Spam Reports: Summary of recipients reporting the message as spam.
      • Forwarded Emails Using "Forward-to-a-Friend" 
        • List Name: Target list name.
        • Forwarded by Email: Gross forwards using the Forward-to-a-Friend link and "Email" option.
        • Facebook: Gross forwards using Facebook.
        • LinkedIn: Gross forwards using LinkedIn.
        • Twitter: Gross forwards using Twitter.
  • Link Tracking & Heatmap
    • Tracked Links
      • HTML Links: URL of link target for HTML version.
      • Text Links: URL of link target for Text version.
      • Advertiser: Link advertiser.
      • Views: Summary of Opens (HTML version only).
      • Clicks: Gross clicks.
      • Clickers: Net of Total against unique addresses.
      • Heatmap: Visual representation of where clicks occured.



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