Delivery Log Report - Easy-SMTP Details


Easy-SMTP, ReachMail's email relay service, has its own reporting features. You can view/export delivered, open, click, opt out, and bounce data with just a few clicks.  

Filter by date range, search for an individual recipient address or pull the report by x-rm-campaign to focus your search on relevant information. 

If you want more information about setting an x-rm-campaign header on your message and thus tagging several messages as part of a single campaign, click here

(Click on the animated gif below to see it full screen)


If your account has multiple users then you can filter the results by one or more usernames:


In some cases an email may be suppressed from sending.  The most common reasons for an Email being suppressed are:

  • The email address was previously marked as invalid due to a hard bounce, meaning it won't accept any more emails.
  • The owner of the email address has chosen to opt-out of receiving future emails from this account. In compliance with the CAN-SPAM Act, we will exclude it from any upcoming mailings.



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