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**This feature is currently in Beta, and we welcome your feedback. You can click here to learn how to enable Beta features on your account.**

ReachMail's Simple A/B Testing enables marketers to optimize campaigns by making small changes. Our A/B testing feature allows you to quickly create two separate versions of a mailing by modifying the from name, subject, and snippet/preheader.

Simple A/B Testing can be accessed from the Schedule & Send page underneath the option A/B Testing and clicking the Enable AB Split Test button.

After enabling this button, you will have several options to modify. The first option you will see is the amount you want to split, which can be allocated between a minimum of two and a maximum of four variants.

In this example, we have selected a split percentage of 30%. This will be distributed evenly between two variants, each receiving 15%. Furthermore, you can determine the number of individuals who will receive this split based on any lists you may have selected before opting for the A/B Testing option.

The following section will allow you to modify the mailing variants available and customize the from name, subject, and snippet/preheader for each variant. It's important to remember that changing the number of variants will affect the split setup details you've entered in the previous step. To add or remove variants, click on the corresponding button.


The last area will allow you to enable our Auto Pick Winner feature. By default, we let you manually pick how to schedule the remainder of your mailing leftover from the split. However, if you select Auto Pick Winner, we will automatically schedule the winner based on engagement (opens) or interactions (clicks) after a set period.

We recommend a delay of 24 to 48 hours or more after the original campaign was planned to achieve the best results. A minimum of 4 hours is required.

In this example, we will determine the winning message after 2 days with the highest open rate. 

Would you like more advanced options for your A/B Testing? Please check out our Advanced A/B Testing.

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