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ReachMail in 2023 for 2024


ReachMail provides you with an easy email marketing service. Our goal is always to get Your Message, Delivered. 2023 is full of new features that get Your Message, Delivered. Let’s take some time to review each of them and how we feel they fit into our solutions. 

2024 is the “year of authentication.” Mailbox providers are now going to expect that your custom domain is authenticated. They also are going to expect you to use a custom domain. ReachMail has developed a Domain Management Tool to help you manage those DNS records for all your sending domains. 


Small Business

Our AI Subject Line Suggestor, is a bit like a really clever robot friend! It knows so many words and is super helpful. When you're unsure what to say in the subject line of your email, this robot friend can give you great ideas! It reads what you wrote in your email and suggests good titles so the person getting your email knows what it's about. It's like having a buddy who finds just the right words to get someone's attention!

If you're a small business and don't have lots of people to make great subject lines, it's okay! Even if it's just one person on your team and the words aren't coming easily, ReachMail can be there to lend a hand!


Marketing Firms

So, imagine you're making two different types of cakes. One has chocolate chips, and the other has sprinkles. You want to see which cake your friends like more. You give one cake to some friends and the other cake to the rest. Then, you ask them which cake they liked better.

Email A/B testing is a bit like that cake experiment! But instead of cakes, you try out two versions of an email. Maybe one has a big picture at the top, and the other has smaller pictures throughout. Then, you send the first email to some people and the second one to others. After that, you check which email more people liked or clicked on. It helps you figure out what works better for your email, just like knowing which cake your friends prefer!

With ReachMail, you can easily try out stuff like the email's subject line, email preheader, and email’s friendly from. But you can also do fancier tests, like checking different button colors, pictures, and where things are placed in the email to see what people like most! 

Plus, ReachMail can pick the winning email by itself after some time. For our marketing firm customers, this gives your customers more choices and saves you lots of time!


Large Companies

For our big business solutions, we've created managed services that can help companies of any size. Think of managed services as having a specialized tech-savvy helper just for a company's email tasks. Imagine having loads of lists, mailings, and campaigns to handle, but you're not always sure how to keep them running smoothly or fix them when things go wrong.

That's where managed services come in! They're like hiring a skilled team that keeps an eye on your campaigns, networks, and software. They handle all the updates, HTML, and fixes behind the scenes, so you don't have to stress about glitches or breakdowns.

It's similar to having your own tech squad, making sure everything works perfectly while you focus on running your business smoothly. Companies pay these providers to keep their tech running without a hitch. It's like having a subscription to a service that makes your marketing tasks a whole lot easier.


High Volume

In 2023, to help our busy clients with lots of children, we introduced a new feature called context switching in your accounts. If you're an admin user, you can easily move between different users on the same account just by clicking a button. This saves you time because you don't have to log in and out of each child's account separately anymore. 

Last Updated: 12/27/2023


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