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Customer Journeys

A Journey is a planned email sequence sent to subscribers based on specific triggers or behaviors. These journeys aim to guide subscribers towards a particular outcome, such as making a purchase, signing up for a service, or becoming more engaged with a brand. The journey reflects the experience a subscriber or customer has as they interact with the brand through email.



  1. Create the mailings needed for the customer journey. You can use any of our message creation techniques to prepare and test your messages.
  2. Create/Identify the list you will be using for this customer journey.

Optional Preparations

Create any tags that will be used in the process


Create Customer Journey

  1. Navigate to the Tools tab and select the Journeys Tool. 
  2. Begin with selecting the list you will use for this customer journey.


You can then select the next actions based on the following actions:

Mailing - Send a Mailing - you can select the mailing for the next step in the journey.

Once you select the SELECT MESSAGE button, a popup will display all your mailings so you can select the perfect message for this part of your journey.

Delay - you can add a delay before the next step in your mailing. 


Tag - Add a Tag to a customer for future mailings. Once you select add a Tag, the list of tags available on your account will appear for you to select. addtagjourney.png

Split - This is where you split the journey based on the recipients who engaged with your previous message and who did not engage. There will be an automatic Delay that gets added. You can adjust this delay for whatever best suits your journey. Engagement is based on opening/clicking within the email. When you split your Journey, it will look like this. You will now have two sides to help engage your customers.


You can repeat these actions as many times and branch as needed until your journey is complete. As your journey grows, it could be hard to view it on the screen. So, there is a Zoom In option for a specific branch that allows you to view and edit a specific branch of your journey in a more readable format. zoominjourney.png

Last Updated: 1/5/2024


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