Easy-SMTP - Dashboard


You can log into your Easy-SMTP user interface by going to ui.reachmail.net. The user interface provides you with additional tools and reporting that can allow you to troubleshoot issues and keep track of your messages. As soon as you log into the account you will land on the Dashboard. The Dashboard is going to be the place where you can see a rough Overview of your Account Details and keep up to date with our marketing news on our blog.

If you haven't made any successful connections to our service you will see connection details and API documentation to help get you started. However, if you have made some successful connections you will see some reporting available on the Dashboard. Recent SMTP Connections and Recent Emails were sent to provide you with information to troubleshoot issues and to see messages that were successfully relayed.


You can hover over the various icons for more information on a specific item, click for more reports, or click on the magnifying glass icon for a detailed breakdown of your connections. Clicking on the magnifying glass will give you some detailed information on the connection and can provide you with key information to successfully troubleshoot any issues that may occur.


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