Grow Your List - Part I - Enticing Signup Forms


Getting Started

Increasing your target audience can be broken down into 3 distinct parts:

  1. Building a sign up form to entice sign ups
  2. Nurturing new sign ups to get them interested
  3. Retaining existing recipients and keeping them engaged

In this part, we'll cover building the form. Be sure to opt in to get the next parts emailed to you if you're not already on the list.

Building an Enticing Sign Up Form

The current trends in sign up forms are moving towards a more minimalist design. Keep things simple by only asking for an email and maybe a first name.


Too many fields can scare off customers

Your sign up form is likely the first interaction you'll have with your new customer. Don't go overboard asking for tons of information. You might scare them off. If you need to collect more data, you can always do that in a second phase or maybe once the customer sets up their user in your application.  


Provide Feedback

When someone sign ups, thank them and tell them they've finished. ReachMail gives you an automatically generated confirmation page, but we encourage our customers to create their own.

Learn about the Welcome URL

Make it Easy

Lower the barrier to entry as much as possible. Ask for the email, and maybe their name if you like. Anything else can be addressed later on once you've gained their trust.

Double Opt In

Use a Double Opt In form when possible. This ensures that only valid email addresses make it in to you list and can help protect and bot signups flooding your forms with dangerous addresses.  If you can't use double opt in it's important to use Signup Shield to ensure your list stays clean.

Learn about the different form types

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