Overage Charges


How Overages are Applied

Paid ReachMail plans can incur overage charges if the mailing volume has exceeded the allotted maximum for your plan.

Let's take the Bronze plan as an example:

$10 month
Volume: 30,000
Contact Size: 7,500
Overage Rate: $1.50/1000

If you send 32,000 messages in the course of a billing cycle, you will be assessed overages on 2,000 message at $1.50/1000 = $3.00.

The $3 overages fee will be assessed on the invoice for the following billing cycle.
Accounts that are deactivated (for any reason) prior to the completion of a billing cycle will be invoiced for any overages prior to account deactivation.

*Free plans cannot incur overages and will be prevented from sending any mail that would put the account over the volume limit.


Overage Rates

Overage charges will be added as line items on the following month's invoice. Below is a list of overage fees for each account:

$10 plan - $1.50 per thousand
$40 plan - $1.25 per thousand
$70 plan - $1.15 per thousand
$180 plan - $0.91 per thousand
$360 plan - $0.81 per thousand
$599 plan - $0.74 per thousand

The free plan cannot incur overage charges
(details for easySMTP pricing and overage rates can be found here)

*ReachMail may require you to upgrade your account in order to continue sending if you current volume's overage charge would result in an invoice amount greater than price of the next higher plan.

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