What's New From May 2019



May is in bloom and so are new features in ReachMail. Check out the newly added easy list split feature and see a sneak peak of the upcoming features we're working on. With every month we strive to give you innovative features that continue to grow your email marketing experience. Outside of the front end features, we are always working on improvements and enhancements behind the scenes to improve reliability and performance. With that in mind, we are also working on front end features that will give you an advantage in your email marketing, such as the A-List Sending functionality. See more information below:

New Features

List Split

With ReachMail's new easy List Split feature, you're able to segment your list with just a few clicks. This breaks up a list into "virtual" chunks which make it perfect for splitting a campaign for staggered delivery and A/B testing. This feature also allows you to combine list split tags with demographic tags for some advanced implementations.

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Upcoming Features

A-List Sending

Ever wanted to send to your most dedicated recipients? With A-List Sending we will rate your recipients and allow you to easily target them in a list. This allows you to communicate directly to those recipients who are the most interested without having to guess. A-List Sending will key off of things like recipient source, open average, click average, recent bounce data, and more.

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