What's New From July 2019



Help beat the summer time heat with these cool new features now available in ReachMail. Class is in session and Recipient Grading is here. Your recipients are now given a grade so you can better see who are your most valuable contacts. Have trouble planning out your email marketing schedule? With the scheduled Calendar view you can see previously sent campaigns, currently mailing campaigns, and future scheduled campaigns to know exactly when each message is going out.

New Features

Recipient Grading

Each recipient in your list now gets graded on various metrics such as recipient source, open average, click average, and recentness of bounces, opens, and clicks. Recipient Grading is the perfect tool for list management and allows you to visualize the quality of each recipient.

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ReachMail's new Calendar view makes it easy to see and plan all your monthly campaigns. View month-to-month what campaigns have been delivered, are currently mailing, or have been scheduled. View past months to ensure you're sending consistently to your recipients and keeping them up-to-date with all your email marketing news.

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