What's New From September 2019



Check out these new features ReachMail is dropping in time for the fall season. Save delivery configurations with Campaign Templates, schedule campaigns fast with the Quick Scheduler, and take advantage of the Multi-List Add Recipient tool. All of these features are available right now on any account, free or paid.

New Features

Campaign Templates

Campaign Templates save delivery configurations to save time when scheduling and sending. Apply them at scheduling time to configure delivery variables. Campaign Templates include lists, suppression lists, segments, tags, delivery time, and campaign profiles.

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Quick Scheduler

Our Quick Scheduler uses the newly launched Calendar feature to give you another way to schedule mail. Schedule mail on the weekly or monthly view and visualize when each campaign will send to your audience. This is perfect for scheduling multiple campaigns at once.

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Multi-List Add Recipient

Adding a recipient to multiple lists is easier than ever. With our new implementation you'll be able to add a recipient to multiple lists in just a few clicks.

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