5 Tips Every Marketer Needs Before Black Friday



Rake in these new features at ReachMail and prepare yourself for Black Friday. Find our helpful Black Friday Marketing Guide below, combined with more Litmus Inbox Preview options, and automated List Cleaning improvements. Use these features in tandem to get the most out of your email marketing this holiday season.

Black Friday Marketing Guide

October is a month full of scares, but nothing is scarier than not preparing for Black Friday. Check out some of our helpful tips in our Black Friday Marketing Guide to get you ready for this holiday season.

One of the best ways to stand out to your customer is by using personalization. This can be including things like a customer's name or creating dynamic content or offers.

ReachMail includes a helpful tool called the Engagement Scanner. This allows you to move your contacts into lists of engaged or disengaged recipients. Think of these people as your most valuable targets as they are the ones who have you on the top of their mind.

On top of targeting your engaged recipients, we also recommend segmenting them. This ensures your offers are reaching the right people. For instance, if your offer is only in-store, make sure you're sending to recipients within range of a store.

ReachMail partners with the leading list cleaning services to validate your list data. This removes problematic data to increase your chances at the inbox. This is especially important on Black Friday, with everyone competing for inbox placement.

Seeing what your customers will see on Black Friday can be like having a crystal ball. Using Litmus Inbox Previews you'll be able to see what your content looks like on a multitude of devices.

All these ideas above come recommended before this holiday season. There are a lot of marketers out there vying for attention, make sure you're doing all you can to succeed. Stay subscribed to see more of our Black Friday tips in future newsletters.

New Automated List Cleaning Service

List cleanings improvements are now available within the ReachMail system. List cleaning is now easier to submit, pay for, and get results all completely automated. If you haven't taken advantage of our list cleaning service, now is the perfect time to try. If you've used our list cleaning services in the past check out the improved speed and efficiency. Available in time for the upcoming holiday season.

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Preview On More Devices

Are you afraid of the dark? Because your customer's aren't. With the rising popularity of dark mode we've added more supported devices to our Litmus Inbox Previews. Updating our options to include: iPhone 11 Pro (Dark), Outlook iOS, and Samsung Mail. Don't forget to use your Inbox Previews included every month on any paid account.

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