Getting Started with the Easy-SMTP API



API endpoints require the use of the Account Id in the endpoint URL path. 


Step 1 - Getting your Account Id

All ReachMail accounts can access the /Administration/Users/Current endpoint to retrieve their Account Id. The Account Id is not your Account Key.

More Info Here

Step 2 - Sending a Message

Most users should stick with the standard /EasySMTP endpoint for basic messages. /EasySmtp/Advanced can be used for personalization, dynamic headers, multiple attachment MIME types, etc. 

EasySMTP API Guide - Sending a Message

More Delivery Endpoints

Step 3 - Reporting

EasySMTP Reporting endpoints accept dates as filter arguments in the request. Retrieve a summary, bounces, opens, clicks, and opt-out reports. See the Summary Report endpoint documentation

More Reporting Endpoints

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