The Basic ReachMail Workflow


Who, What, and How of ReachMail

Delivery is made up of 3 parts: Lists, Mailings, Campaigns

  1. List
    • To whom the email is sent. Lists are collections of recipient records.
  2. Mailing
    • What is sent. The content of the email. 
    • Includes Link Tracking
  3. Campaign Scheduling
    • How the message is sent. A Mailing is sent to a List to make a Campaign.
    • Includes options for:
      • when to send the message
      • Segmented Delivery
      • Suppression - omit delivery to some addresses for a single Campaign.

Setting up a new Account

Please see the getting started checklist.

Getting to Know ReachMail

ReachMail is a List based management system. This means recipients within a list have their own respective histories. As such, it is best to import to an existing list, rather an the importing a new list, each time.

List management and targeted delivery is big part of successful email campaigns. Be sure to check out the List Tab > List Tools menu to see some the actions you can perform to manage large amounts of data quickly.

Other Ways to Send

Auto Messages are way to send a sequence of Mailings and a great way to Automate Your Email Marketing. Often called drip-campaigns, recipients are added to a sequence of messages that are sent over time. Ideal for welcome emails after a sign up, and follow ups to help boots engagement early on.


Found on the Report Tab, analytics can be access in a number of ways. Please see the Reports section for more detail.



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