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To access the Footer Format Editor go to your Account tab, choose Campaign Settings, and select Footer Format Editor. The Footer Format Editor allows you to preview the pre-defined system default footers or add your own custom footer. You can also preview  This allows you to have more control of how your mailing looks from top to bottom.

To begin, click the Add Format button. Once you click on Add Format you'll be greeted with several options.

  • Name - The name associated with this specific footer.
  • Alignment - Left, center, or right.
  • Add Custom Block
    • Link Block
      • Pre Text
        • Text that leads before your link.
      • URL
        • The website address that you desire to be inserted in your link block.
        • Use the toolbox icon to insert view in browser or forward to a friend links.
      • Link Text
        • The clickable text in an HTML hyperlink.
      • Post Text
        • Text that follows after your link.
    • Text Block
    • HTML Block
  • New Footer Preview
    • This block allows you to drag and drop how you want your footer organized.

Additionally, if you click on the unsubscribe, sent to, or address line in the preview you can edit or cycle through variant formatting for these sections.


When you've made your modifications you can click Save to add this footer. Once you have Saved a footer you can Preview or Delete it at anytime using the icons in the Action column.

A sample of creating a formatted footer can be found below:


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