Email Marketing Trends for 2020 - Part 3



Expanding upon the concepts of Multi-Track Delivery Strategies discussed in the previous posts, we jump right back to Engagement, Targeting, and Dynamic Segmentation of traffic.

Prioritized Scheduling

Prioritizing delivery to the recipients most likely to engage helps establish a strong footing for your marketing campaigns. This ties in closely with Multi-track email marketing efforts. You want to spend the bulk of your efforts interacting with customers that you know are interested.

When you send to a highly engaged audience, networks tracking the interactions (Gmail/Yahoo/Outlook) will profile the campaign as one that generates interest from the audience which leads to greater inbox placement of mail. By delaying or de-prioritizing deliveries to recipients that have not engaged recently with your offers, you increase the chances inboxing for all recipients in your distribution.

That’s not to say you should forget everyone else entirely even if the ROI is libel to be lower with less engaged individuals. A re-engagement drip-campaign using the AutoMessages is a great way make the automate the process so you can focus efforts elsewhere.

To be sure, you should limit the amount of mail you send to those that rarely or never engage with offers. Continuing to send mail to recipients that never or rarely engage will degrade inbox placement.

Implementing Segmentation in ReachMail

This may seem like a lot, but keep in mind that ReachMail collects engagement data for your recipients automatically on the back end. The recent interaction dates are stored in the list with each address. You can quickly target delivery to the most engaged by checking a box on the scheduling page using the Segments section.

Every account has 4 dynamic List Segments built in to target that were recently added, opened, or clicked recipients in the last 30, 60, 90, or 120 days.

You can build your own custom List Segments too. See here for more detail.

The quickest, easiest way to segment delivery only takes a single checkbox!

When you schedule mail 3 weeks out of 4 in a month, check the box to filter for recent engagement (say 30 day if you mail weekly). That last time, or the 4th week in the month, you don’t check the box and mail to everyone.

Now, 75% of the time, you’ve mailed to recently interested recipients that have a history of interaction with your offers. You’ve shifted your entire delivery profile with just a few clicks.

The best measure of success is an increase in total views. Not just an increase in the open rate, but an increase in total opened messages by sending to fewer people in a more targeted manner.

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