Provider Intelligence Report


Provider Intelligence usage

The Provider Intelligence Report seeks to group recipient domains by Mail Provider/Host. This enables senders to better monitor delivery metrics by providers, not just by domain.

Why this matters

Understanding delivery metrics within the context of the provider/network is critical to make informed decisions for your marketing strategy.

Major networks like Google, Verizon Media Group(Yahoo), and Outlook/MSN each implement their own form of spam filtering. It is not uncommon for senders to experience disparate delivery results at one of the major networks.

Even with B2B list data, this insight is helping marketers stay on top of a changing landscape. A growing number of businesses are opting to use the cloud services offered by Microsoft Outlook365 and Google instead of running their own mail servers in house.

The Provider Intelligence Report groups recipient domains by their hosting provider so that senders may better understand the underlying makeup of their customer base.


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