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Establish a better communication with your clients with our tag based preference center. Along with preference centers, we've recently partnered with Webbula (a list cleaning service) to offer a free ebook. This ebook covers The 5 Unbreakable Commandments for Email Marketing & Data Enrichment.

More information on both of these wonderful additions can be found below:

Tag Based Preference Center

Sending customers only content they are interested in is critical to keeping your audience engaged.  The more of your recipients engage with the emails by opening them and clicking on the links the better your inbox placement will be.  Mailing to customers who don't engage not only costs you more but also increase the odds your mail will end up in the Junk folder!

Preference Centers let your recipients set their own preferences for what they would prefer to receive. In ReachMail, this works by setting Tags on recipient records in the List. 

You can then filter Campaigns, Exports, and Auto Messages based on these Tags later on. Here is a simple example of Preference Center options:


This allows your subscribers to choose their own preferences for email. Some may only want the weekly newsletter, while others want the promotions and event updates. Tags let you keep everyone in a single List while still allowing you granular access to targeting options.

Preference Centers help you stay relevant by enhancing your options for targeting and filtration.

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5 Unbreakable Commandments for Email Marketing & Data Enrichment

 ReachMail and Webbula got together a while back to offer institutional grade data hygiene services for more reasonably sized senders.

We've been impressed with the additional insight Webbula has afforded us. When they asked if we wanted to contribute to an upcoming ebook, we jumped at the chance to share the insights we gained from testing multiple hygiene platforms before choosing Webbula.


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