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ReachMail has added Signup Shield technology to our signup forms. This new feature allows you to use Email Hygiene credits to run scans on unconfirmed sign ups as they come in and prevents potentially serious deliverability issues. Email hygiene credits can also be used to purchase list cleanings or preform one-at-a-time email scans. These features allow you to implement safeguards that will give you the best chance at the inbox and profit.

Try our automated signup shield forms with 100 free email hygiene credits!

Signup Shield

ReachMail's Signup Shield forms allow you to clean and correct email addresses as they come in. Catch bots, disposable domains, spam traps, hard bounces, complainer threats, blacklisters, and typos. With our Signup Shield technology you'll catch data quality issues before they cause any damage and immediately identify email threats.

Get 100 free email hygiene credits to use with our Signup Shield technology. Simply go to your Lists tab, select List Tools, and choose Signup Shield.

Free promotional email hygiene credits expire 1 year after claiming.

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Email Hygiene Credits

List cleanings are now being offered based with Email Hygiene credits. This allows for more flexibility, savings, and ease of use. Once credits are purchased they will expire 2 years after purchase. Buy credits in batches of 1,000, 10,000, 100,000, and 1,000,000. With Email Hygiene credits you can run list cleanings or use our Signup Shield form technology. Purchased credits used with our Signup Shield forms renew automatically so you're never unprotected.

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Did You Know?

You can tag on upload, import, or with merging lists. With the continued focus on user preferences, we've added extra ways to add tags to your contacts. Easily tag a list on upload/import be selecting single or multiple tags.

Want to merge lists but add a tag for the source list? Well now you can, with the List Merge feature. Keep the source list name as a tag on any Merge List process to better keep track of where recipients originated.

Use these options to keep your customers' preferences organized and accurate.


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