Tag Openers and Clickers


You can automate the tagging of engagements (openers or clickers) on the Scheduling page. You can also add Tags after a Campaign was sent. See here is you want to tag individual links.

Note: A Clicker is always an Opener too. Tagging all Openers will Tag all Clickers too. Tagging Clickers, will NOT tag all Openers.

From the Scheduling Page

  1. Select Automations from the Options on the left side
  2. On the Tag Engagements automation, click Configure
  3. Select the Tag to add on Open and/or Click
  4. Click Update Configuration


From the Campaign Report Page

If you've already sent the Campaign but still want to add Tags from engagements, you can.

  1. From Reports Tab, under Campaign Reports, click on Campaign
  2. Click the Tag Openers and Clickers in the Action column on the right.
  3. For Recipients select Openers or Clickers.
  4. Create or Select the Tag to add.
  5. Click Tag Recipients.



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