How To Brand Your Emails Like A Pro


ReachMail's Account Branding

At ReachMail, we're always finding ways to create new and exciting tools that increase your productivity and enhance your workflow like: Account Branding and Zapier Integrations. 

Branding is a key component of any company, big and small. With ReachMail's built-in Account Branding, you'll be able to save time by having your mailings come pre-filled with your brand logo and colors. See increased deliverability while ensuring consistent branding.

Account Branding

Brand your mailing created with the Message Builder quickly and easily! Introducing the ability to predefine your brand logo, background color, foreground color, and text color. When you provide your branding information you supply ReachMail with knowledgeable information, so we can better customize your experience.

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More Zapier Integrations

Getting started with Zapier integration in ReachMail is simple. You don't need extensive programming knowledge or complex algorithms. Keeping integrated with cutting edge technology is important to us, so we've added more support to actions and searches within Zapier.

New search functions include searching for mailings, recipients, and tags. Whereas new actions include creating a mailing, tagging a recipient, scheduling a campaign, creating a tag, and verifying an email address (requires Email Hygiene Credits).

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Message Builder Improvements

Our Message Builder has been a great way to turn anyone into an email marketing designer. With that goal in mind, we are always making improvements to how the Message Builder functions. Most recently we've worked on updates to the button, paragraph, and title blocks.

Try the Message Builder today and see how responsive email design can make a difference for you. If you have any constructive feedback, feel free to contact us.


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