2020 Holiday Marketing Tips - Are Your Emails Naughty Or Nice?



Happy Holidays from ReachMail!

While the weather outside might be frightful, we hope this email is delightful. Below we've outlined some important things to keep in mind while drafting up your emails for the holiday season. Make sure to keep in Santa's good graces with these do's and don'ts.

Nice - Personalization

You wouldn't leave a name tag blank, why should your emails be any different? Personalizing your message gives the recipient the feeling that you're approaching them as a friend, not a marketer. People who felt cared for pay attention to what you say. Don't squander the value of asking for a name on your signup form. Use personalization in the subject line and the body of a message.

Naughty - No Segmentation

Just like Santa's list your list(s) should pinpoint what your recipients are interested in. Imagine if the North Pole was ran without any segmentation. Barney and Ben want some hop-along boots, but receive dolls instead. The same gift Santa gave to Janice and Jen. Now Barney and Ben may actually enjoy the dolls, but it wasn't what they wanted. Knowing what your recipients have interest in can allow you to tailor emails with sales, information, and specials specifically for them.

Nice - Email Hygiene

You wouldn't keep your dirty boots on when walking through someone's house. Don't show up at the inbox with dirty email data. Email hygiene is the new standard for email marketing services. Managing your data by removing disengaged recipients and getting list cleanings regularly is a guaranteed way to be invited back to the inbox. Not managing your data makes your list stale like leftover fruit cake.

Naughty - Wasting Time

Everybody has that one family member who uses too much tape when wrapping presents. Not only is it wasteful on resources, it also takes too long to unwrap. Your emails should be treated similarly. Get to the point and show the value of your message and make sure to include a call to action. Our message builder makes it simple to make responsive messages that look good and get your message across.

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