Zapier - Create & Schedule ReachMail Mailings for New WordPress Posts


Zapier allows you to connect your ReachMail account to over 3,000+ applications. This allows you to integrate ReachMail's award-winning service with almost any integration you can think of. To begin you'll need to create or sign in to a Zapier account.

For ease of use, we recommend using our prebuilt Zapier templates. To access these, go to the ReachMail Zapier page and scroll down to the Templates section. For this example, we will be selecting Create & Schedule ReachMail Mailings for New WordPress Posts and using the Try It button.


If you're signed in to your Zapier account, as previously instructed, this will bring you instantly to creating a Zap with the triggers and actions already preselected.

The first step will be to connect your WordPress account. This will need to be a WordPress Business account so that you can install the Zapier plugin. Full help documentation for how to link your WordPress account can be found in Zapier's Help post on this topic. When you've successfully connected your WordPress account you should be able to click on the Continue button to proceed.

The next step will be to add the Action you want ReachMail to take when WordPress creates a New Post. This will require you to connect your ReachMail account to Zapier


After you've successfully connected your ReachMail account you'll need to set up the action. This will require you to fill out the following fields:

  • Mailing Name - The Name of the Mailing in your ReachMail account. The Mailing Name is not visible to recipients.
  • Folder (Optional) - Folders are optional but can be used to organize large portfolios of Mailings.
  • Subject Line - The Subject Line that displays on the email being created.
  • From Name - ​The From Name should be your name or the company name. e.g. ReachMail Support Team.
  • From Email Address - From Address should be one of your Validated Sending Domains.
  • Reply-To Email Address - The Email Address recipients can send a reply-to after receiving an email.
  • Mailing Format - HTML, Text, or TextAndHTML. HTML is best for most use cases and is the default Mailing Format if no selection is made.
  • PreHeader - Preview text that is shown to the recipients before the email is opened. If this field is left blank, the preheader will to default to blank characters. Only applies to HTML content.
  • HTML Content - Field where you define the HTML Content. Only shown if HTML or TextAndHTML is selected for Mailing Format.
  • Text Content - Field where you define the Text Content. Only shown if Text or TextAndHTML is select for Mailing Format.
  • Footer Address - Select the CAN-SPAM Footer Address for this Mailing. If no selection is made, the account default footer is used. (More info)

For some of these fields, we recommend using the dynamic information you would get from the New Post in WordPress. The fields that would benefit from this feature are Mailing Name, Subject Line, PreHeader, HTML Content, and Text Content. This allows WordPress to automatically generate a unique mailing each time based on the content that is being posted on WordPress.

The last action we will need to set up is to Schedule a Campaign in ReachMail. Now that we've established what Mailing we'll be sending, the next step is to decide when we will send that mailing. To begin you'll need to select your ReachMail account, this will need to be the same account used in the previous action.


After you've successfully connected your ReachMail account you'll need to set up the action. This will require you to fill out the following fields:

  • Mailing Id - Enter Mailing Id provided in Create or Search Mailing.
  • Sending List(s) - Select one or more sending lists.
  • Suppression List(s) (Optional) - Recipients in these Lists will be omitted for this Campaign.
  • Filter Delivery By Tags (Optional) - A filter for recipients of this Campaign. If multiple tags are selected, recipients matching any of the tags will be sent the Campaign.
  • Is Test - No, will send this mailing as a campaign. Yes, will send the mailing as a test and is limited to 50 recipients.
  • Delivery Time (Optional) - When should this Campaign be delivered. If left blank, this Campaign will be scheduled for immediate delivery.

After this action has been completed you'll be able to view a summary of your Zap. The options you'll have are to Test & Review or Test & Continue. If the test is successful the Zap will be able to be added to your account.

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