Easy-SMTP Pay-As-You-Go


Pay-As-You-Go Credits

On sign-up, new Easy-SMTP (Email Relay) accounts are provided with 250 credits. There are no monthly fees, and auto-refill payments can be enabled. 

Credits Cost
10,000 $5.00
100,000 $40.00
1,000,000 $350.00
1 Credit = 1 Email


How to switch to Pay-As-You-Go

To switch to the Pay-As-You-Go credit system:

  1. Visit the Account tab
  2. Click on Manage Plan
  3. Click the Convert to Easy-SMTP button


Adding Credits

To add Volume Credits, visit the Account tab and click on Extras/Credits (1). Current credits and Auto-Refill are also present (2).

You can purchase pre-paid blocks of credits (3) according to your needs. Volume Credits last two years from purchase.




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