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At ReachMail, we're starting the new year with a bang! We're proud to introduce dynamic content and our 30-day summary report. This is the first set of features we're introducing in our beta user setting. Please take a few moments to check out how these enhancements will improve your email marketing technique.

Dynamic Content

Dynamic content allows you to leverage the power of personalization to your advantage. Make your emails more relevant to your audience by only showing content that fits them. Use our Advanced Editor to compose portions of content (text and/or images) to create intricate mailings. A full-featured preview ensures the resulting content looks like it should for each recipient. All paid plans include this feature at no additional cost.

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summary_1.jpg30-Day Summary

A lot can happen in 30 days, which is why we've worked on a feature that compares your current 30 days against your previous 30 days—offering a unique insight into your results that allows you to make changes for additional improvement.

You can enable this functionality via our beta user settings. Once you activate it, you'll see it right on your dashboard.

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