Better Email Delivery With These 5 Steps



Internet service providers are working hard to eliminate unwanted mail for their customers. The key to good delivery relies on the understanding that even if you're sending mail to a list of individuals who signed up, there are still individuals on your mailing list that may not want to receive mail. Not all unwanted mail is spam, but email services won't treat your emails differently if you don't consider these steps.

1. Clear Out Dormant Subscribers

If your subscribers aren't engaging with your emails, you need to take them off your list. While you may aspire to have as many subscribers as possible, an unengaged subscriber can do more harm than good. Fortunately, ReachMail offers a reliable Engagement Scanner to help you identify the right subscribers.

2. Warm Your Data

Warming your data is vital to building your reputation with mailbox providers. With each email opened and received by users, ISPs become more confident in inboxing your messages. Utilize our automated List Warming tool and let our system do all the work for you. Warming is most effective when used with larger lists.

3. Clean Your List

Although you may have previously cleaned your list, there are likely new issues you have not yet identified. Clean lists need to be regularly maintained so that they remain effective. With our automated List Cleaning process, you can protect your lists and send more profitable campaigns.

4. Target Your Audience

By segmenting your audience, you can increase the chances of sending relevant content to your subscribers, improving delivery, and reducing opt-opts. Thanks to ReachMail's built-in Tags, Custom List Elements, Preference Centers, Dynamic Content, and List Segments, you'll be able to target your recipients' interests with pinpoint accuracy.

5. Authenticate Your Email Domain

With SPF and DKIM, you prove to the ISPs that you are who you say you are and that your email is trustworthy. Therefore, we recommend that all senders set up SPF and DKIM for the best results. For extra credit, you can also implement custom tracking domains.

To learn more about why these steps above work, check out our blog post: Tips On How To Inbox And Avoid Junk.  

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