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ReachMail has some great tools to help you always be cleaning. But what is the difference between List Cleaning and List Sweeping? Isn’t sweeping part of cleaning? Do they do the same thing? Is only sweeping or cleaning enough? Do I need both of them?  A study conducted by ITProPortal suggests that the pandemic has accelerated the rate of data decay by an average of 0.5 percent per month, resulting in annualized rate of 37.5 percent. How can you keep this from affecting your deliverability? Just keep cleaning, just keep cleaning, just keep cleaning…  We have introduced a new tool titled List Maintenance to help you always be cleaning. 


List Maintenance was designed to make managing your list a lot easier. Our list maintenance performs bulk actions that you can select to remove emails from your list. This tool removes your lists' hard bounces, soft bounces, opt-outs, and now disengaged contacts. You can perform list maintenance after every send. It is up to your marketing team how often you wish to remove those contacts from your mailing list, but our recommendation is as often as possible. Now you can rid your list of those who are either not getting or not engaging with your message. Always be cleaning. 


List Cleaning should be an infrequent occurrence per list. ReachMail list cleanings perform both hygiene and verification checks on your list data. Hygiene checks identify spam traps, zombies, complainers, bots, seeded trackers, moles, etc. These traps, zombies, and bots are valid email addresses. Your email will get delivered. BUT they will harm your deliverability. Verification checks determine if the address is valid. Over time traps could even lead to black-listings. An excellent general rule is to clean your data at least once a year. People change jobs and stop using personal email accounts regularly (the new standard in some cases is email addresses change every six months). Use your industry-specific knowledge to your advantage too. If your industry has a high turnover rate for employment, consider that you may need to run a list cleaning more frequently. Think of this as your spring and/or fall cleaning and definitely upon initial upload. 

Contact with all your cleaning needs, and we will be happy to provide insight on how to help you always be cleaning. 

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