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This new feature is similar to our List Warming tool. List Warming will spread your send over several days with an increase in volume to help “warm up” the mailbox providers to seeing your mail. Sending Optimization will spread your send over a period of days with an exclusive algorithm that will maximize the delivery and engagement of the campaign. 


To use this feature you must first select to enable this feature on your mailing. You will find this from the Schedule and Send part of your campaign under the schedule tab. Once you turn on the toggle you will have more options to spread your campaign over days and/or hours. 


Once the toggle is enabled you will have the following selection options: 



You MUST select when you wish your campaign to be done sending in days. As in the images above. This campaign is scheduled to be spread from July 22, 2022, to July 29, 2022. ReachMail will then divide my list of 636 into approximately equal sections and mail them between these two dates. These sections will be in 24-hour spans. Selecting the hours is NOT required. 


An example of how setting the hours could be useful. Your company has a new lunch special. You want to spread out your send so as to not overwhelm your staff with 1500 people in one day. But the best time of day to send that mailing is right before lunch. So you can set the time of that mailing to be spread between 10:30 AM and 12:30 PM. Now each day between July 22 and July 29 a small group of your list will get your lunch special announcement. ReachMail handles all this for you once you set it up. 

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