5 Most Valuable Audiences To Target With Email Marketing



What Audience Should You Target?

The ReachMail platform makes it simple to spot and target different audience segments, but where should you start? The following article provides five audiences to target with your email marketing efforts.

1. Engaged Users

Recipients who recently opened or clicked on an email or campaign are engaged users. By focusing on active users, you put your message in front of the most likely users to make purchases. The best practice is to target this group first and frequently. Best of all, ReachMail makes it easy to distinguish these users with our List Maintenance and Prebuilt Segments via our Schedule & Send page.

2. Demographic Data

Demographic data describes the outward-facing attributes—for example, their age, gender, marital status, etc. For instance, knowing gender could be vital information if you are a clothing retailer. Therefore, ensure the signup process includes questions focused on the demographics that matter most to your business.

3. Geographical Data

Geographical data can provide insight into specific trends in an area, the current season, and needs or wants from that region. In addition, ReachMail's Open Analysis offers helpful information, such as openers by geographic distribution.

4. High-Value Customers

High-value customers can be customers who spend more, purchase premium products, or make purchases consistently. Taking note of these customers is crucial when offering the right deal at the right time and place. You could, for example, offer these recipients a dynamic coupon code or exclusive products.

5. User Signup Source

How a user comes into your list makes a huge difference. Did they purchase something? Did they give you their email on a landing page? Target brand-new subscribers with available products or services to introduce them and track where they showed interest. If you have a signup form on a specific landing page, follow up with more information on that topic.

Getting To Know Your Audience

As you can see, email marketing segmentation can work for any business with a bit of effort and creativity. Knowing your audience helps you focus your campaigns to increase revenue and drive engagement. Get started today targeting these audiences with ReachMail.

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